This is a WIP series experimenting on a simple ABC lightblading-made mission.

I combined a single torch (X-Tactical 104) with a circle blade on which I taped 2 red color foil stripes on its outside ring, left a free space in its center so the color blocking creates harsh contrasts of white with red interruptions and went threw the letters.


The X-Tactical 104 torch I used has a great switch-ring on thumb-height so I could simply switch between regular "On" and "Strobe" on and some of the letters got such an interesting 3D dimensional look that I also rebuilt the letter "O" in a 3D software, just for a test to see if I can come close to the original picture.

You can compare the rough sketched "O" in the series below. My final conclusion: doing it live is so much more fun and always leads to new abstractions and different results. If you have plenty of time, a 3D rendering can come close to it, but it will never have this unique captured moment.

The positive thing about 3D modelling is the usage of lightpainitng images as a texture, e.g. for fashion allover-prints as you can see in one of the 3D renderings, this gives another inspiration so images can be used in different  ways after the production.