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BLADES can create mesmerizing lighttrails, comparable to volumetric 3D renderings.

There are various adapters and kits to buy or you can simply build your own attachments.

First you need a bright flashlight, ideally with different modes such as strobe, SOS or flashing function, depending on the look you want to create.

If you work with DIY tools, the easiest way to attach it is with black gaffer tape. The 3D printer can also print great adapters.

Homemade DIY Blades


Plexiglas is available in hardware stores in various sizes and colors. I prefer transparent plexiglass, which I can easily change later with colored foils. if left unpolished, the glass will produce hard edges. If you grind the glass on the sides or the surface, you get milky traces. Masking parts with black gaffer can also create cool effects that interrupt the light beam.

A thickness of 0.5 cm is sufficient. The blade and the flashlight can be combined inexpensively with cuts in the tube adapters from the hardware store (which ideally fit exactly on the flashlight) and a hot glue gun. Simply cover the upper part of the adapter tube with black gaffer tape.

For color effects, I use color foils that are only attached to the outer edge of the blade (with transparent adhesive tape), so you can also create different colors when turning the tool. The images below show different modes

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