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The BRIDGES conference is an annual get-together of interdisciplinary working professionals. The Bridges Organization oversees the annual Bridges conference on mathematical connections in art, music, architecture, education, and culture. Since 1998, Bridges has traveled to North America, Europe, and Asia, and has attracted participants from over thirty countries. The conference features invited speakers, full and short paper presentations, educational workshops, a juried art exhibition, and arts performance events.

In 2019 the conference is hosted by Johannes Kepler University and Ars Electronica Center.​ The trailer which I produced for the upcoming conference is based on lightpainting photos created at 10 locations in and around Linz. Each spot was captured in timelapse animations in combination with realtime-generated lightpaintings that included claims from the conferences topics.

Each spot was shot individually within a single day/night. In every shot I combined two techniques - first capturing the scene with timelapse recordings, additionally integrating bold claims related to the conference themes by the usage of a pixelstick. The same spot was then shot separately in a single longtime-exposure lightpainting session to get highres stills for the confrence print-campaign.

Check out the conference details here.



R&D, production, cut & sound by Chris Noelle

Photos & Trailer by Chris Noelle.


Bridges Linz 2019: Mathematics | Art | Music | Architecture | Education | Culture

July 16-20, 2019 @ Linz, AUSTRIA, EU.

Hosted by Johannes Kepler University & Ars Electronica Center.

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