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This is a series was on my wishlist for a long time. So when  autumn was up and coming, I went to a park and started my search for a fly agaric. Armed with one-way gloves, a spoon and a plastic zip-bag I felt like a hunter. When I found this fly agaric half eaten by a snail, I thought well decay is a matching thing to the theme.  While digging for some moss, I also found a tiny twinset of mini-mushrooms growing in the moss. So I decided to enlarge the studio session to create two different looks by macro lightpainting.   

Both series of the mushrooms were created in total darkness with a 100mm macro lens and basically a couple of different lights and simple methods.

The basic setup was a pile of moss placed on the edge of a glass table, a needle on a pinspot coming threw the moss to fix the fly agaric and a spinning minitube fixed on a wheel behind the setup and... there you go.

To tell you more about how this is made, check out the turorial section here.

The second series was created with a tiny twinset of mini-mushrooms growing in the moss. Being only centimeters away from the setup, the work had to be done quick and without disturbing the fragile twins too much to get them as sharp as possible

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