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NUBIA Z11 @ IFA 2016

Shooting on a trade-show is quiet different to artistic approach but also lots of fun and always a perfect option to increase your own skillz. I was lucky to be invited by the cellphone company Nubia to feature their latest mobile "Z11" with its stunning integrated lightpainting camera-option. The cellphone works great for such a small pocket device with lots of features on the camera-side which I havn´t seen somewhere else by the big players. The camera also creates making-of clips of your lightpainting and the pictures are visible in their evolution process and it´s definetly a perfect lightweight travel-solution that is in itself a tool compareable with DSLR camera results. The general focus is making it easy to start instant shooting and the colors are as shiny and clear as you are used to from a big camera. So take a look at some of the images I created with it - be aware that these pictures are taken from the printout postcards, in digital format the brilliance is just perfect:   

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