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What you need:

  • Camera, Tripod, RemoteControl (RC)

  • Glastable / Glasplate

  • Moss

  • Mushrooms/Food

The single steps:

The tutorial clip shows you how I worked with this setup.

  • Get some mushrooms, moss, fruits, leafs or whatever you want to work with and arrange a setup that leaves enough space to work around your objects

  • Put everything on the glassplate

  • Switch your lens to manual focus and focus the object of desire while the light is switched on 

  • place your tools around the setup to have easy access in the darkness

  • now you can sitch off the light

  • First lightup the set from underneath threw the glassplate. By this you can set highlight points and also leave darker areas

  • Now take the torch with the holotube and start moving it upwards from underneath the setup till you have moved out of the frame

  • Now you can highlight parts of the object(s) with a torch that points away from the lens

  • Finally you can shovel around with a fiberglass brush, be carefull to avoid shaking objects and use it only for a short amount of time to avoid overkill white.

Used equipment:


  • Tripod

  • 100-mm-Macro lens

  • Canon RC 

Used Lightpainting Tools:

  • Walther P7 torch with a short holographic Tube adapter

  • LED-torch

  • black fiberglass brush on torch


Apperture Settings:

  • ISO 100

  • F9

  • 5"-20" sec in manual or bulp mode, depending on setup and idea

Here are some more variations of the series to show you different option of exposure and depth-play

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