When I was asked to create the opening show for the launch of Porsches Panamera I felt stoked.  Within one day shooting and one day performance the timeslot was very tight - but doable. A complex request to create a 3 minutes audiovisual live-mapping show on the covered car before its release.


For more than 300 invited Porsche customers, the Porsche Panamera was "hidden" on a circle-stage behind a 360° curtain, still covered with clothing. With a doublesided-projection, the car was mapped 360° and the night before the show I had to create stunning new lightpainitngs with another Panamera, only working with reflections on the cars surface, created by graphic patterns and typography claims loaded on a customized pixelstick.

First I created a soundtrack based on motor engine sounds that were building up the tension for the show. The soundtrack was based on a massive research of Porsche-Motor-Tuning clips, sounds that later appeared within the 3 minutes show-track which was a futuristic eclectronic  drum´n bass tune created in Ableton to underline the live-mapping projection.

According to the new Panamera trailer, I selected wordings from the voice-over like "Mut" (brave) and "Verrückt" (crazy) and also adapted graphic patterns that looked like reflections of architecture to become the reflections on the glossy black car.


Working out lightpainitngs only with the reflections of the car was my intension and the first major challenge as you normally use lightpainting tools pointing towards the lens. The typo was loaded onto a customized short pixelstick with 100 LEDs and I performed for 90 minutes smooth like a Ninja, clothed completely in  black.

The pictures were then used within the live mapping-projection at the launch night and the performance became a full success.